How do we create advertising?

Types of Online Advertising

There are many types of advertising you can use, but usually you need few to get real results.


Pay Per Click advertising in search like Google or Bing


Great extension for any advertising campaign

Social Media Ads

Extend your Social Media with any type of advertising

Brand Awareness

Make sure your customers know your brand

Online Advertising

Huge part of any business
In the era of the Internet, there is no business that can ignore online advertising. People search for things to buy online even if it right in front of them. It helps your business not only to build an ROI system where we can help you to know how much any client cost, but also expend your brand to the next level.

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It is not enough to order contextual advertising and set it up, but it should be competently conducted. The purpose of advertising is a constant increase in profits. And there are two sides: if the campaigns in contextual advertising are stopped, then all indicators will start to decrease. If you continue to lead the campaign - they can improve or remain stable. By indicators, we mean not only CTR and cost per click but also much more: ROI, PPV, CV, bounce rate, returns to the website, viewing depth and visit duration, etc. Maintaining occurs through traffic analytics, budget allocation, A / B tests, optimization of all processes.

We understand that you are absolutely not interested in CTR and other minor indicators. You are interested only in profit. And even better, we understand that the more you can earn, the more services you order from us and the more you will work with us. Therefore, we will make every effort, so that the profit will grow. In addition, when the client is satisfied, he recommends us to his friends.

You will have access to all statistics. If something is not clear, or additional reporting is needed, we will do it without any problems. Once a month, the results are summarized - before / after; A / B tests conducted; all actions taken on the campaign; opportunities for extension.

We give a 100% guarantee that your sales will grow, provided that you:

  • Implement the necessary analytics systems
  • You will regularly replenish the balance
  • Make changes to a website according to our instructions
  • It's easy to get at least 100 clicks per day in your niche.

Alternatively, we can not guarantee customers to you, because it depends largely on a website and sales managers. Yes, we will give maximum recommendations on this topic, but no guarantees. We are responsible for the traffic, and we can guarantee that it will have the maximum target coverage. How to check it? According to the behavior of users on a website: by which requests they come, how much time is spent on a website, how many of them come back, etc. If we do not meet these criteria, we will refund the money.

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