by Anton Likhnekevich - July 18, 2019

Software becomes the digital brain for any modern business, and moving is not an exception, more and more moving company owners understand advantages of working with CRM-systems - an online platform for managing customer relations, as well as organizing sales, marketing, and customer service. A CRM system is vital for any advanced business entity that works directly with customers and wants to increase the number of customers.

CRM involves a set of solutions designed to automate and optimize customer interaction strategies (collecting information about them from different sources, maintaining history and thorough analysis of the data obtained at all stages of the relationship with the customer). In essence, a CRM system is a specialized software that automates all stages of sales, tightens up analytical data, controls customer service and the work of managers.

The main functions of software for moving company:

  • Managing the current database of customers;
  • Maintaining a history of completed jobs ( truck, crew, price);
  • Move Rates regulation;
  • Fast move estimate calculation;
  • Easy way Inventory;
  • Improving the quality and efficiency of managers (simplifying routine operations such as the preparation of standard documents or e-mailing);
  • High-quality tuning of marketing tools.


In a huge variety of platforms presented today, it is really not easy to choose a reliable and functional software that meets all the requirements. In order to minimize the time of searching for a suitable software for moving company, we had provided analysis based on business owners experience, software speed of work, design, glitches, capabilities, and prices. Therefore, we can highlight the top 5 software for moving company:


Best Software for Moving Company:



Overview: The most popular software across moving companies, simply to use and it has all necessary functionality to manage a moving business.

Price: starts from $100 / month


Main Features:

  • Accurate Estimates;
  • Automated Emails & SMS;
  • Claims Management;
  • Digital Bill of Lading (BOL);
  • Dispatch System;
  • Itemized Inventory;
  • Management Reports.




Overview: MovingCRM is a convenient tool for organizing the effective work of a small moving company. The undeniable advantage of this Moving Company Software is its intuitive interface and openness for improvements - the user can customize the functionality that is appropriate for his business.

Price: starts from $89 / month


Main Features:

  • Accurate Moving Calculator
  • Automated Emails;
  • Customers Personal Cabinet;
  • Efficient Dispatch System;
  • Itemized Inventory;
  • Moving Rates Control;
  • Long Distance Flat Rates.


Movegistics CRM


Overview: Movegistics CRM is considered to be a full-fledged corporate portal, suitable for both small moving businesses and the giants of the business industry. The main focus of this CRM service is the management of projects, tasks, documentation, reports, and plans, as well as the optimization of customer relations.

Price: starts from $199 / month


Main Features:

  • Visual estimator and customer portal;
  • Onsite surveys;
  • Estimating tools;
  • Scheduling tools;
  • Wireless dispatching;
  • Electronic BOL app;
  • Full storage management.




Overview: Specialized CRM solution for companies. Enjoys high popularity due to the presence of all the necessary tools for fast processing of moving quotes. The ability to automatically receive quotes from various sources and their distribution among managers. 

Price: starts from $279 / month


Main Features:

  • Online Booking;
  • Paperless Billing (BOL);
  • LD Trip Planner;
  • Local Dispatch;
  • Client Account Page;
  • 2-way SMS conversations.




Overview: Vonigo is a popular platform for organizing efficient workflow, quality client relationship management, and targeted business development.

Price: starts from $98 / month


Main Features:

  • Client Relationship Management;
  • Online Inventory:
  • Dispatch System;
  • Company Library;
  • Paperless Billing.

Anton Likhnekevich

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