by Taras Kim - November 23, 2018

An established brand provides the product an authority in the market. One way to promote the brand is through brand awareness which can be achieved with the use of display ads. The display advertising incorporates images, text, logos or similar items. They enable consumers to recognize the availability and importance of the product or service.

One particular area where display ads are commonly visible are the billboards. The display advertising also appears in different forms on the web pages. The common types include banner ads that are developed for the users to click that results to generate sales. When the banner ads get repeated exposure on web pages, it leads to positive image and feeling of the brand.

Talk about exposure, many advertisers consider remarketing campaigns that make for an effective strategy for boosting brand awareness. The remarketing involves showing ads that get placed on high traffic websites where customers usually visit. Soo, the customers will be seeing the respective business everywhere that gives the impression that the brand is much bigger than what is perceived about it.

How to create effective banner ads:

For banner creation, you to keep in mind the following different factors to get the most out of the ads. 
1. Use the right size and location: The banner sizes come in different dimensions that depends where they get placed. They are as follows:
Half-Page - 300x600
Large Rectangle - 336x280
Medium Rectangle - 300x250
Large Mobile Banner - 320x100
Leaderboard - 728x90

To know which one will work best for you will be based on your designs and your targets. Some ads will require more vertical space while others only horizontal. Only choose which will suit your purpose.

2. Consider 3 elements for the banner ad: The banner ad should contain the following parts:
Brand: This means you should incorporate the logo of your brand somewhere on the ad which is essential for promoting your product.
Buzz: This means to use a word or a phrase that will pique the interest of the people towards the brand. Like limited time offer or free trial.
Badger: This refers to using a good Call to Action button to push people to click on your link.

3. Choose the right tool: You can select an online tool instead of hiring the services of an expensive graphic designer. Through an online tool, you can handle everything from concept to design and the final draft of the banner ad. One of the popular tools is ‘Bannersnack’ that offers interesting tools to design an amazing banner ad.

4. Incorporate some moving images: When you can invest a good amount of money, try developing a moving ad that will leave an impression and catch the interest of the people. For many years, slideshows were used to display banner ads effectively. Yet, in recent times animated video ads are becoming popular across the web.

5. Keep the banner ad simple: Consider the space and size, your banner ad should be kept simple. No one likes overcrowding, so you cannot fill all the space within borders. Your banner ad should be precise and short that gets the message across for your brand.

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