by Taras Kim - November 23, 2018

Display ads definition.
The display ads refer to the logos, pictures, text or images that are positioned on the search engine or the website. The process in which they have used forms the basis of online advertising.

The display ads can be seen in banner advertising due to their visual nature. This type of advertising is conducted to promote a brand. A typical banner ad will direct the visitor online from one website to the host website to the specific landing page or to the advertiser’s website.

You can advertise your brand through banner ads by using Google AdWords or another display network. The use of banner ads for online advertising has proved to be profitable for small and large businesses. The display ads statistics reveals businesses have managed to improve their brand lift by 31 percent. Reports have indicated Google earns 95 percent of revenues through online advertising.

On average, every person is served more than 1700 banner ads per month. Still, only half of a such number of ads get viewed. So, the businesses have become more cautious and filter those ads that do not get a response and retained the good ones only.

Why there is a need for banner ads for the brand?

The banner ads are meant to generate web traffic by linking to them. The banner ads work as the regular print ads that will notify and inform about the new product and help to increase brand awareness.

The banner ads are beneficial in the following ways: 
1. Lead Generator: Help to build your customer base. If you use SaaS it will allow you to get more users sign-up to use your service or the product.2. Retarget your audience: Suppose a visitor came to the website and did not become a potential customer or did not subscribe to the newsletter, you can retarget them through the banner ads. 
3. Brand Awareness: Brands like Nike, Apple, Target and IBM use banner ads to grow their business and easily create brand awareness for the product or service. 
Mostly, the banner ads are placed on high traffic websites that provide useful and interesting content.

Factors to consider when designing the banner ads while you design your banner ad, you have to consider debating about given few principles. They will help to reduce the workload for the agencies when choosing the size and number of banner ads for different publishers. 
1. Define our target audience and what you expect from them? You need to know what your core audience is and what you want from them. You have to decide whether you want them to buy your product or to click on your website. It is also possible you expect them to try your service for free. 
2. Define your Value Proposition: Knowing how and what value you will offer will allow you to write the text of your banner appropriately. Just choose a good CTA button text. 
3. Select the standard web banner ad size: Each publisher has set a banner ad size which is a standard for all platforms. So, try to choose the right size so that the reach of your banner ad campaign does not get limited. 
4. Use quality photos and readable fonts: Using high-quality photos and images will help to build trust between your brand and the users. The font size should be readable enough. It should not be too small. 
5. Use brand colors and the branding element: If you want to add a professional touch for your brand so that people recognize your brand, you should incorporate your brand color only. Secondly, you have to use one of your branding elements to reveal that your company has created the banner ad. Just keep the banner ad simple and don’t try to overcrowd it with unwanted images or text.

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