Fascinating and interesting Social Media: Which Social Media site to use

Social Media
Jul 6, 2018

Social Media

In the growing and developing a society of today almost each and every person likes to and consider it essential to use social media in which there are so many different applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The people of every age group follow these all. People use to follow these social media sites for the sake of their respective interests and needs. The different companies also use the social media sites for the purpose of advertisement. The main decision for using WhatsApp is to decide which social media to use for the respective interest and for getting the authentic and detailed information about your interest and purpose.

Demographics of different social media users and their interests

There is a large population of people who use social media sites for entertainment and different interests. Social media sites use to give us different entertainment material, which will help us in spending a quality time. Some of the companies use social media as the tool for advertisement and the advertisement done on social media is the best because most of the people and mostly the youth use to see social media for different products and their ads. Social media advertisement serve as the best tool for the increase in sale and increase the revenue of the company.


Different people of different age and gender have different interests on social media according to their age and gender. There are the demographics, which tells us that the Facebook is used by 53% of females and 47% of males. 87% of the online users are between the age of 18-29, which tells us that mostly our teenagers and youth are more interested in Facebook. On Facebook, there are so many details and information related to the new fashion trends for which female users are more interested in Facebook. You can also talk to your loved ones who are living away from you by using Facebook, through video calling through messenger.


While talking about the Instagram 53% of people using Instagram are n between the age of 18-29 and 33% are in between the age of 30-49. 68% of the users of Instagram are female as on Instagram they can go through the trending fashion, fitness tips and also the food products. Females are more interested in knowing about the fashion and fitness because they want to walk with the society according to the modern trends of fashion.


Snapchat is the other social media site, which has so many filters for taking photos, and you can also make small videos on Snapchat. 71% of the people using Snapchat are under the age of 34 years and mostly the users of Snapchat include females.


Pinterest is the best site for pictures as it helps you find each and every type of photo you want to search for. Most of the users on Pinterest are females as they are more interested in photos and fashion as it provides photos related to every domain of fashion, art, wedding, food, etc.