by Taras Kim - January 16, 2019

In the 21st century when you hear that something is free you are looking for a trap. And it’s mostly true because nothing really is. You have to give up at least your information (Name, email, phone and etc) to get something on the internet, especially when we talk about online advertising. Here I tried to collect information for you about the Free or really cheap ways to attract more potential customers for your moving business. And I believe you already have a good website. All of them I tried myself and can guaranty you it works!

Free Directories

Registering your website on other websites is one of the most valuable free online advertising solutions you can get. First, it helps you a lot in your SEO, secondly, there is a chance to get some customers from these websites even without a single review, but I still recommend you at least ask your friends for a couple of them.

Here is a list of some of the sources:

and many more...

Registering on these websites is completely free and you can get some exposure just to leave your website link.


This type of free advertising can be free only in case if you have writing skills and a blog on your website. You can write anything about your business or moving industry and when it’s good, it will be ranked high on Google (trust me, it’s much easier then you think) and you can get some customers from it, brand awareness and more.


When it comes to Charity, it’s almost free. Mostly you give your hands instead of money to help people in need. For your Moving business, it can be a great way to expand your Brand to a local community, get featured in some local media, or even attract some customers sharing information about your business. As an example, you can partner with Move for Hunger. You help them to collect food from your customers and once a year sends it to them. As a reward, you get placed on their website and, so the desired opportunity to get customers.

Email Lists

This type of marketing is almost free too. You collect emails from your customers and then use it to generate sales. It’s a well-known way to get your previous customers back on board. There are services like MailChimp that can help you handle this task, with it you can send around 2500 emails monthly for free, if you need more you will have to pay a little fee.


Another well-known way to get free customers. On Craigslist You can both search for those who need moving help or post your free ad yourself and get some calls. It takes time because you have to monitor and post constantly, but it gives real results.

There are also other ways where you can pay a small fee and find your customers, and the best is to distribute flyers. Pay $100 and get 100 flyers, walk in your neighborhood and leave them at the front door and trust me, somebody will call you

As a conclusion, I want to wish you more clients and success with your Moving Company.


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