by Taras Kim - November 23, 2018

The value of search engine has been identified in the world and people know its importance in improving their business situations and brand establishment. But, it is another fact that The Future of SEO cannot be predicted as well. The reality is that the businesses have developed their approach to make their businesses prominent on the internet, but the latest developments in this field are interesting and the most important one is its mix with Artificial Intelligence.

The impacts of artificial intelligence can be experienced in different places so with the incorporation of SEO, we can imagine that there will be some wonderful changes in the business environment as well. To understand this new development, we will briefly describe how artificial intelligence is helping the related people in the improvement of the services.

When we ask, “what is SEO and how SEO work?” the simplest answer will be to rank your business in the search engines like Google. But, what the theory behind this definition is that there must be a system which evaluates the results after getting the instructions in the form of words and show the most relevant results according to the algorithm defined in it. Google calls it RankBrain. It is basically the part of artificial intelligence as it determines the word or phrase and most of the time, it has to guess as words can be different all the times so we can say with such a sophisticated system, the reliability on search engine optimization will remain the same.

The success of RankBrain is that it is not only helping the people through its defined algorithms to find out the related results according to the given instructions but also provides the most relevant and accurate results. This system has changed the whole scenario of the world as negative efforts cannot be ranked in the present situation. Another important aspect of this RankBrain is that it filters the websites as well. It determines good and bad quality of the websites and after that, shows the best results which cannot be challenged most of the time.

Another incorporation of artificial intelligence in the system is artificial learning. It means that RankBrain not only filters the data automatically, but also considers the previous searches as well. Google makes batches of these searches so when a question is asked, the system goes live and filters the results quite successfully.

The above discussion has explained the value of SEO and its future in the market. When we talk about the specific term “search engine optimization”, it means that we want to facilitate the internet users to give them those options through search engines like Google which are beneficial for them. To help them in this regard, the best solution is to provide them not only those results which are keyword-driven, but also those ones as well which can be suitable for them. It is what we call artificial intelligence and intelligent learning.

This incorporation in between search engine optimization and artificial intelligence will not only help the internet users to get maximum benefits of this source, but also help the businesses to promote their businesses in a latest and smartest way.

Taras Kim

I'm Online Marketing and Web Development Specialist already for 7 years and dreaming to write a book.

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