by Taras Kim - November 23, 2018

A landing page of the website is a page where the visitor arrives after he has clicked an ad. Specific landing pages that have been designed for different offers are necessary for providing a quality experience to the visitors. It would help to drive conversions for the business with the targeted message which matches with every new user on the website.

If you are new to your online website, developing a good landing page will appear daunting to you. Before you go about making an Effective Landing Page for your website, you should consider deliberating a few questions which are imperative indeed. They are as follows:

a. What is the goal?
b. Who am I competing against?
c. Who is my audience?
d. How do the users get to my landing page?

Having the answers to the questions will provide you with a clear direction for the development of a landing page. You will be sure of the intended purpose of your visitors and how best you can provide them with the valuable information about your product or service. You will be able to tailor your offering by understating the needs and wants of the audience in the better way as well

How to go about designing a PPC Landing Page which converts 
1. A landing page should only provide precise and uncluttered information which is necessary and will interest the audience. 
2. A high-quality content should be posted which is relevant and will help to inspire trust with the visitors. 
3. A flawless design should be incorporated into the landing page. This means that the design should be crisp and clear with all the clear information. Navigation should be simple and nothing should come in between the visitor and the conversion. 
4. There should be a clear call to action that should be present in the headline text and in the button text. State to your visitors exactly what you want them to do which should be posted in bold text. 
5. Create an eye-catching headline: Many popular landing pages use the main headline to confirm the offer. While a sub-heading is used to provide a value proposition or more explanation. You can follow the given example with a catchy headline: 
Headline: Free Facebook Marketing Ebook
Sub-Heading: Learn how to get more Facebook likes, followers, and engagements from our marketing gurus. 
6. Make an engaging copy: Use specific keywords to attract visitors. Using the word ‘you’ will make your content to appear personal that the visitors can easily relate to and result from intimate conversion. So, try using mind-bending words for the landing page that encourages the readers to either visualize or convince them to take a certain action. 
7. Squeeze Page not rants about yourself: If you stress too much talking about yourself you will bore your visitor. A visitor does not care about your aspirations or goals. They just want to know about valuable information that will help to solve their problem or improve their life. So, focus on showcasing what best you can do for them in simple easy steps. 
8. Insert a few high quality and relevant images: When you will use quality images that are relevant to your content, your landing page will become attractive for the visitor. You should consider adding visual cues to hook the visitors into what action they should take next. 
9. Add clickable share buttons: Adding share buttons in your landing page will increase your chance of getting the content shared across many social media networks. You can add social buttons to your thank you page as users will share your great offer with others after they sign-up themselves. When a typical resource is found helpful, people are more than willing to share it. 
10. Incorporate a thank you page: Adding a thank you page is a great way to guide the visitors to other valuable information on your website that might interest them. A "thank you" page can provide guides and information, links to other parts of the website like the company blog as well.

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