by Taras Kim - December 27, 2019

Are you passionate about tea? Or you just decided to start selling tea online? An online store can definitely help with it. Whether you are selling your own tea brand or reselling products you have to make sure you follow all United States Food and Drug regulations and register your business.

Creating an e-commerce website system from scratch costs a lot, and if you want a unique design it will add more to the final price. Design and the actual website is not everything, you also have to make sure that you have a working marketing automation system. But, in the case of selling tea, you can avoid creating a huge online store and concentrate on minimalistic options. In such a case you can use some frameworks and templates to make a unique online tea store. Here are a few options you have:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Zend
  • WooCommerce
  • Symfony

These platforms equipped with everything you need to start selling online: payment processing, search engine optimization, product management, reviews system and etc…

One of these great examples of a minimalistic online store is Tea Dream Tea. Fully functional Shopify online store with tea products catalog, reviews, and simple order system.

Promoting your online store products usually goes from Google Organic Search and Google ads. But it’s not the only place where you can sell your tea products online.

One of the best platforms for selling online is Amazon. In 2019 Amazon Advertising spending reached 10 billion, an increase of more than 33 percent over 2018 results. It simply means that more and more retailers use Amazon to sell their products. To start selling tea on Amazon you have to register an account and your product, but how to actually sell it?

Amazon SEO is hot right now and it becomes not less complicated than Google’s SEO. Most of the sellers trying to get as many reviews as possible and usually in illegal ways, but reviews are not everything and even a new product can become popular in sales after using few SEO technics. There are a lot of tea brands on Amazon, but there are also a lot of different search queries which are not very popular and there is less competition. These search queries are a great option for you to focus on and sell your product.

Another Wonderful place to sell your Tea online is eBay. Being once the biggest bidding platform, eBay now is another great platform to sell your tea online. There are fewer sales, but also less competition. On eBay, there is a platform for advertising as well as SEO. To start selling you have to register an account, upload your product and all required information. The description of your product is really important to rank for correct search queries. Such queries like green tea, black tea, carrot tea and etc are really great opportunity to get to the top and sell your product.

Whatever you decide to start with to sell your tea you have to remember that there are a lot of different products which sells online, so you have to lay on advertising as one of the easiest and fastest ways to sell.

Taras Kim

I'm Online Marketing and Web Development Specialist already for 7 years and dreaming to write a book.

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