by Taras Kim - November 23, 2018

Google Analytics is a powerful and leading tool to monitor website traffic. It provides stats about the tons of information about who is visiting a website at any time and what they are looking for and the medium of how they are reaching the website. So, any business wants to grow and expand the reach should be using Google Analytics on the internet The GA will benefit the business in many ways. If you are wondering why GA is important, then you be informed of the following true facts.

1. The Google Analytics provide details about how the visitors landed on your website. This is important for evaluating which of your efforts are paying off well. The stats reveal you if the visitors fond your website directly. Or they were referred by another channel or networks like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. In fact, they can be directed from the search engines too.

2. You will get to know where your visitors are coming from which is crucial for targeting the specific audience.

3. The GA will show you the web browsers being used by the visitors which will enable you to focus and target the audience through them.

4. Then, GA will also display the types of keywords being used to get to your website. Knowing about the keywords is essential for SEO and determines if you are managing on-page and off-page SEO correctly. When it comes to types of GA data then only 2 of them are significant for you. They are as follows:

1. Google Analytics Goals: No matter how much you are putting the marketing efforts, it will only benefit you when many people get converted into leads or even to customers. In this regard, GA Goals will help you to track your conversions. Suppose you have a free download sign-up form on your website. People will simply fill the form and click the submit button. As this happens they will be directed to the ‘Thank you’ page. This means every one of the people will account for the new lead that could result in the potential customer. You can have 20 Goals through Google Analytics. Every goal is that an anonymous visitor will come to your website, complete some task like filling the online. download form. If you know that one in ten people turns into the customer you can assign a dollar amount for each completed goal. The GA Goals will track the potential value to you.

2. Google Analytics Funnels: After the Goals have been set up, your focus should be towards Funnel Visualization. This means to establish a typical path that would draw the people to get to the Goal with the web addresses. The following steps should be considered: a. Visit the Home page of the website. b. Head over to the Download Request Page. c. Here, the form is to be completed so that the visitor gets directed to the Thank you page. Through Funnel Visualizations, you can keep track of how many visitors got to each step in the process. You will come to know how many left without completing the steps. In case, everyone drops out after step 2, then this means that there is a problem on the page. It’s possible that the form is taking long to open up or it’s not compelling enough for the visitors.

So, you should ask some of the people to test it for you and see what feedback you get. You should fix any issues and try to test again to see if your conversion rate or the percentage of people completing the task improves for you.

Taras Kim

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