by Taras Kim - November 22, 2018

The best SEO tips may slightly vary from one expert to another. Yet, the primary concern is to assist marketers and bloggers to improve SEO for the success of their website. Given below is a good SEO checklist that you should consider following and implementing that contains the essential tips that will benefit your website.

1. Choose a suitable keyword to focus on
The first major step for you is to select a search term or phrase that you want your post to become shown for. You can conduct the keyword research to come up with a relevant number of keywords. Try using Google Keyword Planner which is free to use and will show you an estimate of the search phrase. 

You also can buy the premium research tools that will show you the competition from AdWords and search volume as well.

2. Research about competitors:
Try to look at the content on the first page of the search result on Google. The top ten listings will be your competition. Figure out what they are missing and what unique value you can offer to your visitors in a better way.

3. Quality Content:
The content writing is integral to your website. Your focus should be writing the engaging and persuasive content of high quality that will provide relevant information to your target audience. Whether it is a blog post or a landing page, it should be better than the rest and convince the viewer to take the desired action. 

4. Insert keyword in the title and the header:
It is important that your page title should contain the keyword and should be interesting that will make people click on it.

Secondly, organize your web pages by keeping one large title at the top. This can be followed by different sub-headers through the page. Doing so will be helpful in letting the search engine know what the blog post is about. In fact, it also helps people to skim the blog-post articles as well.

5. Remove anything that affects website speed:
Your web page load time is important and quickly it opens up is crucial. The website speed can get affected due to big images, unnecessary plug-ins, flash graphics or music players. So, kindly remove any such unwanted content from your website.

6. Put internal links:
You should make sure that your best SEO content is linked internally to other web pages of your website. You can edit a few older posts that can include links to the new and impressive content that will keep your audience engaged and convince them to share with others across social media networks. This would be helpful to get more likes and web traffic for you. 

7. Get External Links:
Just like internal links, getting external links from other websites is equally important. Google always prefers tracking how much good backlinks are for a website that assesses the quality of the blog post. This means you have to focus on link building and reaching other website owners in the community to ask for the links. 

Another effective way is by linking your social media accounts in the author bio of your articles. 


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