by Taras Kim - November 23, 2018

Many marketers and brands believe that content marketing is done only by the following 3 steps process:

1. Creation of New Content
2. Sharing of content across social media networks
3. People get convinced to buy the product or to avail the service.

TYet, this is only the job half done. To increase sales and leads through the content SMM ads are quite significant. You don’t have to invest heavily in your advertising needs at all. A few Social Media tips and techniques will help you to achieve your goals with your SMM efforts with convenience.

SMM Advertising Tips for your better online social presence
1. Obtain a Quality Score: Googles a quality score metric to rate the relevance and quality of your PPC ads and keywords. This influences the cost-per-click and it is a crucial metric indeed. You can increase your quality score for your Facebook and Twitter by increasing the post engagement rates. 
A high-quality score will result in a high ad impression share on the same budget for a lower cost per engagement. The engagement rate can be increased in 2 ways; 
Post your top stuff from Twitter organically to Facebook and LinkedIn. Keep track of the posts which get the most traction. Post lots of stuff to Twitter and then use Twitter analytics to check which content leads to most engagement.

2. Use Paid ads to generate free clicks: On Twitter, people usually opt for tweet engagements for an ad campaign. Using it they have to pay for every user engagement whether someone views the ad or not. This does not result in worst ROI and is a wastage of money. 
You should only pay for those ad campaigns that bring value to your business. They may include clicks to your leads, actual video views, app installs, followers or your website as well.

3. Use several social platforms to promote your content: It is vital for you to post content on social networks like Digg, Medium, LinkedIn Plus, Reddit and Hacker News as you will get much web traffic from them. 
If you repurpose your content on these platforms it will better for you. It will provide your new audience with to discover and consume your existing content. The social media ads can be used as a catalyst to obtain thousands of view which are not possible otherwise. When your content will get many upvotes, you will get a good exposure that will generate much traffic for you.

4. Social Media Remarketing: doing social media remarketing is beneficial for you in many ways. It will push your hard offers like downloads, consultations, and sign-ups in huge numbers. On average, social media remarketing boosts engagements by 3 times and increases the conversion rates by 2 times and cuts the costs per engagement by a third.

5. Promote Video Ads: It is possible for you to achieve thousands of video views at a cost of only 0.02 dollars per view. Buyers who watch videos are more likely to remember your offering and will buy from you. You can go about video posting and promotion in the given manner. 
Try to keep the video short and precise so that your audience remembers it. Promote only those videos that perform the best on your website or YouTube channel. Ensure that people are able to understand the video without hearing it. 
The best part is that a video ad campaign increases the relevancy score by 2 points.

Taras Kim

I'm Online Marketing and Web Development Specialist already for 7 years and dreaming to write a book.

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