by Taras Kim - December 23, 2018

Moving is one of the most demanded services in the USA. There are more than 10k companies registered in States. From large worldwide companies to small two men and truck businesses.
One of the biggest problems each moving company owner meets on his way is to be competitive enough to be chosen by the customer. The most popular way for the customer to choose a company for their moving needs is to read reviews from other people who share their experience with this moving business. There are a lot of services where people can find moving companies to choose from, but only a few of them are really good.
There is such statistics in Marketing which says that 80% of all purchases starts from google. It's difficult to compete with it because everyone knows - Google is the best way to find the answer to any question you have.

Below my personal list of the best ways for Moving Company owner to find clients:


I would say that 80% of people start searching for moving companies from google. I know most of you will argue, that no, people go to Yelp or Thumbtack, and I agree, but first, they go to Google and only then they go to other websites where they can find real reviews and some legal information about the company.
So if you really want to be one of the best moving companies in your area you have to focus on your SEO or PPC. It's a long and expensive way, but definitely, one of the most guaranteed to get moving leads.


As for me and according to some of my researches Thumbtack is a leader in Moving leads generation. You probably heard about it. Why it's so good? There are a couple of things I want to mention. First of all, they are in the top 10 of google searches for almost all moving search queries! Secondly, people who use them have a really good experience and really often come back, so I can guarantee you that money you spend in Thumbtack on buying leads are worth it and they are real! Just make sure you provide a fully filled out profile, have reviews and great customer service.


Yelp is one of the first places where people were leaving reviews to different businesses, and before Thumbtack it was probably the best place for getting moving leads. It is still one of the leaders and you can find real reviews on the profiles of moving companies, and even simply send a request for moving quotes, but for moving company owners it can be a real disaster. A monetizing system in Yelp very old and simple and you have to buy advertising, it contract based for 1 year and if you don't have at least 20 reviews it's not really worth it. And you say, okay when I get to 50 reviews and it will work really great, but then happens a terrible thing... They hide reviews... Yelp has its own algorithm which decides if a review is not real and simply hides it from your page. So, my suggestion not to spend a lot on advertising in Yelp if you don't have more then 50 reviews.

Referral System

Every Business owner comes to understanding that referrals are the best customers they can get. There are different ways of marketing for getting more referrals:
An exceptional Customer Service. Be always nice, make your job always very well and people will refer you to their relatives and friends.
Branding. Work on the branding of your company, buy pens with your logo and present to your customers, always have business cards, create a catching Truck Design, even online advertising in Google and Facebook with remarketing campaign can help remind your previous customers about your Moving Company.
Email Marketing. Every customer leaves their email addresses when they request a moving quote. Use it but not too often, to reach them and remind about yourself.


The other good way to get customers is to have a Groupon Coupon that gives a big discount for moving services. Probably with this way you won't get a lot of revenue, but definitely can get some customers and have them write you reviews, for an example. It also works really good with PPC ads in Google or Bing.


Another great lead generator that has good positions in google moving search queries. Homeadvisor has a website and application as well. The same as Thumbtack they sell leads. Also, they have a great customer service and simply can return you money for broken leads.

There are also other ways that you can try to get moving leads:

  • Amazon Local

If you are looking for any help with your moving business you can contact our Agency. We provide with  Marketing, Web development, and Advertising services for Boston Movers.

Taras Kim

I'm Online Marketing and Web Development Specialist already for 7 years and dreaming to write a book.

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