by Taras Kim - December 18, 2018

Web development can be as simple as a one-page text document or can be as complicated and intense as building a full-fledged e-commerce site that enlists hundreds and thousands of products on sale. A single person can easily be developed by one person. On the other hand, a complicated website takes a team of people with variant skills to be developed. Therefore web development is not a single skill to be mastered. There are different skills that different people master in order to specialize in invariant fields regarding web development. Front-end developers build websites whereas back-end developers build apps.

A web designer is the one who focuses on developing the overall feel and look of the website. Web designer chooses the theme, fonts, and colors. A designer also changes the structure of the page, sidebar, header, content areas, and navigation menu. Web designer also works on image editing software like Adobe Photoshop and provides a drawing to the programmer who then converts the website drawing into code. A web designer can also use software to create code for the pages if he or she is comfortable with programming code.

A web programmer is the one who comes next while developing the website. He converts the drawing or design to the actual code. The code converts the webpage. Web programmer programs the more complicated aspects of web pages like databases, online applications, and shopping carts. If a programmer programs a simple page of text the process is quite simple and can be programmed by a designer with a bit of programming knowledge. However complicated e-commerce websites that contain tons of sales items require a professional programmer.

Next comes the attractive part that makes a website interactive, lively and visually and aesthetically appealing. This work is done by a flash developer. Flash developer uses the Adobe Flash which is software that lets developers create interactive, animated and graphical web pages with sound and movement. These can be an animated sequence that plays when a user first visits a website. It can also be elements on the page that reacts when a user hovers his cursor over those or click the elements. Introductory pages require Flash. It can also be used for site navigation as well or any other element that designer imagines or desires.

At last, comes the intellectual part that ties together the whole website. Content development decides what to put on the web pages in terms of content. Web content is what displayed and contained on the main part of the webpage. Content can be audio, video and more often text. It can be a combination of text, audio, and video as well. A content developer can be a writer, videographer, photographer or an on-camera personality. Content developers can also be the ones who write the content and then record it in video form or different developers perform different tasks according to their particular skill. In large web projects, normally different tasks are performed by different people who possess different skill set.

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