by Taras Kim - November 23, 2018

The advertising done through YouTube helps to build trust and enables to increase the distribution of the ads on the platform. It has also been found that people prefer video over text these days which is less time to consume and easier to grasp than to read something. Remarkably, YouTube has a customer base of 1.3 billion users across the world. This accounts for one-third of all the people on the internet.

For any online PPC marketer, the year 2017 worked best for them in terms of video advertising on YouTube. It has been found that people tend to spend one-third of their time watching videos that account for the influences on their behaviors. The online video ads lure viewers into action whether that page is for visiting the page, buying the product or for providing the email address of a company.

Reasons to choose YouTube for advertising than traditional media
There are 5 advantages of YouTube for advertising than other conventional TV spots.

1. Less costly, more control: The YouTube ads mostly work on the click-per-view basis. A view is only counted when the user has watched the video for 30 seconds at least or the whole of it if the video does not exceed the 30 seconds. So, you will only be billed when the video has actually been seen. For a local campaign, the click per view in Euros is between 0.10 € to 0.30 € respectively.

2. More Accurate Targeting: On television, the ads are targeted towards a specific audience that depends on the program and the time. The target is simply assumed and the impact is just estimated. Yet, with digital video advertising, the target is much focused and sharper. You get the opportunity to target the audience considering different factors like interests, demographics, and queries.
It is also possible to exclude certain targets that need to be avoided at all costs as well.

3. A chance to use different formats: The initial few seconds of an ad is critical. You have to create a major impact to lure your target. So, it is possible for you to use different formats on YouTube depending on the means and the objectives. There are 3 formats that you can use to your advantage easily.
a. In-search: As the name suggests, the in-search advertising is aimed towards developing the videos to appear in the top of search results page of YouTube. It is based on the use of relevant keywords.
b. In-Stream: This type of advertising involves the placement of the video before, during and after playing a different video on YouTube. The user is imposed to watch the video advertising for at least 5 seconds.
c. In-Display: The in-display advertising will enable you to display a banner next or on the viewed video that helps to redirect to your video.

4. Varied and Rich Content: Depending on the purpose of your ad campaign, the content of your ad will be unique. Through YouTube, you can craft your ad in three different ways effectively.
a. Engaging Content: This content appears regularly and is meant to educate people and make the brand known.
b. Inspiring Content: This is a specific content that is aimed for a short period of time. Like the launch of a new film or a new product.
c. Relevant Content: This focuses on providing specific and valuable information. Browsers are always looking for such type of information through the keywords.

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