by Taras Kim - January 31, 2019

Remember those days when the first Google voice search appeared? I definitely do! It was back in 2011 and expectations were HUGE! But what we got instead was really disappointed. I just moved to the USA and my accent was really terrible, most of the English native speakers couldn't understand me, can you imagine how Google was confused when I first start talking to it... But anyway, I had some English classes back at school and knew how to learn to pronounce words right, and after few repeats, I could pronounce it right enough for people to understand me, and I was surprised when Google Voice Search still had difficulties in understanding me...

Those days were left behind and now my accent is a little bit better, but Google improved much more! Moreover there a lot of other great voice solutions for your search such as Apple's Siri and Amazon's Echo. There are new devices in the market from Amazon and Google. "Amazon Echo" is a leader of home speakers which can talk to you! Google has it's own "Google Home" device which can provide you such services like - voice activation (lights, doors, tv), music play (Spotify, Google music) and of course what we are going to talk today is Google Voice Search.

So, what does it mean for Business? It means that some people (and statistics says that by 2020 it will be half of all searches) will search for answers in Google asking a question and Google will read an answer. I saw such things when I first started to experiment with Google Search with voice back then but really didn't think it will be a thing until now.

Why now? Google officially announced a few months ago that right now 51% of all searches are from mobile devices. That is one of the signs of the upcoming boom in Voice Search because it's really easy to get an answer just asking a question and not typing it, especially while driving, for an example. 

So how I came to this? We at WellKnown Agency do Content Marketing and SEO as a whole thing because they can't live separate right now. We were using Content Marketing Strategy for one of our clients and wrote an article "How much does it cost to move from Boston to New York?". After a week of publishing, it got to the top 1 results in Google Search. Also, I find out a little strange thing. It not only was in the first place of the Search result but also part of the text from the article was covered in the card before the actual search results. I thought it was cool, but nothing more than this. 

After a couple of weeks, I was "playing" with Voice Search and decided to try "How much does it cost to move from Boston to New York" search query and how surprised I was when google read that part of the text I was talking about as an answer, also it said the name of the company before reading the actual text! Just go now and try it!

After this moment I started researching that article and came to a couple of understandings how Search Voice Optimization works and each time a work on some Content I'm looking to create it the same way, so Google can read it.

I was thinking a lot about this opportunity right now and unfortunately, it won't convert into leads the same as typing search, simply because you can't go to the website with voice search and leave your information, or simply call, but only NOW, and I can imagine how all of these steps you will be able to make in the nearest future using only voice. Right now it's a great opportunity for every brand to get more recognition.

Here are a couple tips on Google Search Voice Optimization.

First of all, make sure that your article title is a question. Most of the people who use Voice Search make it asking a question. and the main content is an answer.

Secondly, make sure there is a small sentence that is an answer to the main question in a short way.

It sounds really simple, but of course, it's more difficult.

If you are a business owner and looking to the future of your business I recommend you to make sure you in that vices search results. We here at WellKnown can help you reach this goal. Contact us for more information. 

Taras Kim

I'm Online Marketing and Web Development Specialist already for 7 years and dreaming to write a book.

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