by Taras Kim - November 23, 2018

The Meta tag is a phrase or statement in the HTML that defines the contents of the Web page. There are different parts of Meta tags that are important for SEO for the visibility of the website. The SEO Meta tags help to improve the ranking of the website in the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing respectively.

There are 3 parts of Meta tags that have to be incorporated in the header of the HTML area and they are as follows: Title tag: The title tag constitutes the title text that is made shown in the search engine listings. Though not a Meta tag, yet it functions like it. It appears like title Title text here /title.
Description: The description tag is where the website summary is put in place. It describes what the website is about and what the owner is offering. But it has to contain only a certain number of words. It is represented like this:

meta name=’description‘ content='This is the place to put website summary'

Keywords: The keywords part of the Meta tag shows all the keywords of the website. It is the place where those keywords are put that allow the website to appear at the top of the search engine page results. Through the keywords, the visitor will know what the website is and will find the relevant information. They appear as follows:

meta name='keywords' content='Growth, Hacker, Google, Search, etc.'


You have to know how Meta tags help SEO otherwise your website ranking will get affected. You should consider taking the following number of steps that can be implemented with ease.

1. The first things that a viewer sees in the search engine results are the tile. When you create a title for your website, ensure that the keywords are included that appear on the page. You should put them right after the Head tag. It should be noted that the title is the critical aspect in controlling where your website will be listed in the search engines.

2. Secondly, you should include the keywords in the body of the text apart from the title. You should write a description of your page by using particular keywords and information. The description should be precise and include only those keywords that are relevant to your content. A search engine looks at the keywords in the same manner just like the title to compile and summarize the website content for its users. Therefore, choosing the right keywords is essential for the growth and visibility of the website.

3. Thirdly, your Meta description is that part that issued as a search term and it will appear right under the title on the results page in search engine. Always make sure to keep the description under 200 characters that contain only important keywords and key phrases. You should keep the description in the opening paragraph as it is given more preference by the search engines. It happens that sometimes, even Google picks up the description tag.

How to choose the right Meta tags for the website? When choosing the Meta tags you should first do some research about the keywords or phrases to come up with the right Meta tag for your website. Consider taking the following steps:

- Search for some keywords through an online keyword research tool that your target audience will most likely use when searching. 
- Choose the best word or phrases that compliment your content. 
- Make sure to put the most important keywords first. 
- Avoid unrelated keywords that are only meant to generate traffic 
- Do not use the keyword multiple times.

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