by Taras Kim - November 01, 2020

SEO for medical websites is always something different. A lot of competition in the medical field is not the biggest difficulty for SEO professionals, but also low-quality content, black hat SEO, and other problems. So finding the right professional is always a difficult task. 

What do you need to look at when looking for medical SEO professionals?

First of all make sure that you hire an experienced SEO company, that has already experience exactly in medical SEO. Secondly, and one of the most important things is to find the right content writer. Medical SEO in google is mostly built on high-quality content, that's why Google and other Search Engines penalize not trustworthy websites. That's why before hiring medical SEO professional or company be ready to make a lot of changes to your website. SEO you hire can simply create technical tasks for your content writer or they find a one, but the person who writes about medicine needs to have a qualification in this field, that's why it's important to make sure yourself who rights content for your website.

One of the most important aspects of Medical SEO is that SEOs use a lot of black hat SEO techniques to get results, that's why you have to make sure the agency or professional you hire knows how to deal with negative links and other things that can be meet on your way to the Google top. 

Always remember that the right professionals in the medical field cost money, so when hiring an Agency don't be afraid if the rate will be higher than the average in the SEO industry.

Most companies hire SEO individuals for their tasks for the small amount of monthly payment and get keyword tracking, link building, and monthly reporting, but it's not the case with the Medical industry. It requires a lot more time and professionalism to get results there, so make sure you hire an agency and not an individual professional.

Taras Kim

I'm Online Marketing and Web Development Specialist already for 7 years and dreaming to write a book.

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