Content marketing is the promotion of a company through useful materials: newsletters, articles in a blog and mass media, publications in social networks. The method is suitable for complex goods and services, for example, for online courses or consulting. To sell them, you have to explain for a long time what the product is useful for and how to use it. Fast advertising methods will not help here. Content marketing is the rights of the customer to make an informed choice - in your favor! There is no need to shout that your product is the best. The buyer does not need advertising, he needs information.

Many companies publish news on the site, but this does not mean that they are engaged in content marketing. The basis of content marketing is strategy and persistence. It is necessary to regularly produce useful materials. If once a year to publish a useful article or write a useless text twice a week, there will be no effect.


The trick of content marketing is to create and correctly distribute content that is attractive to the target audience. In no case will it be advertising or hidden ads, but it will increase customer confidence in the brand and allow the company to get the maximum of leads. At the same time, effective content marketing is a complex of elements and actions, a single mechanism, every detail of which should work like a swiss clock.


Setting goals and objectives (What the company wants to achieve, and whether it can be done with the help of content. A good goal: to launch an expert blog to explain the benefits of the product. Bad goal: increase sales by the end of the quarter).

Analysis of the target audience. You can not create high-quality content without knowing your audience. By the method of analysis we find out its characteristics, interests, we create characters and images;

Research successful competitors. It is ideal to study exactly those competitors who managed to attract the maximum of clients with content marketing tools;

Copyrighting. What content you will create, will you be able to do it yourself or will attract specialists, what budget you will stick to, etc .;

Identify distribution channels. Here it is important to proceed from the content strategy and determine the effectiveness of information distribution channels, choosing the best.


The creation of textual content (topical articles on the site, corporate blog, etc.) - at least 40 thousand characters per month (for some projects up to 2-3 million characters - believe, we can). Each text is written with the requirements of SEO - not for searching, but for people.

Monthly expansion of the semantic core (elaboration - from 50 new queries per month).

Search, purchase and processing of illustrations for the site.

Layout of materials on the site (with the requirements of SEO and usability).

Elaboration of the external reference environment, increase in the number of quality backlinks, compliance with backlink plans.

Content placement in social networks, community management.

Organization of internal links on the site, taking into account the relevance of the project map.

Infographics for the project (optional).

Video content for the project (optional).

Information - this is why the client comes to the site. The audience needs information about your products and services, delivery times and costs, your reliability and reputation. Content marketing is a job, first of all, with the quality of the information flow and with the ways of its distribution in the network. A content promotion site is the promotion of the information in the network that you consider necessary to convey to the audience.

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We are sure that content marketing is still an undervalued tool. This means that its value in the market is not as high as it deserves.


The amount of content directly depends on the characteristics of your business, because each topic is unique. The line between “I am forgotten” and “It is too much of me” is individual for everyone. It also depends on the niche of your business and on which resources we place the content: on a website, on a blog, on social networks or newsletters.

Of course! After all, buyers will learn more about the brand and products of the company, interact with it, and trust it. In the future, customer loyalty increases and sales increase.

You can. But in our agency, there is a whole team of specialists, and each of them somehow works with your content. Before drawing up the plan, we carefully analyze your business, website, main competitors. We find the unique advantages of the company, which need to be emphasized. We use LSI (latent semantic indexing) - copywriting technique - this is a way of writing text that convinces search engines of the authenticity, relevance, and usefulness of an article, as a result of which it hits the first pages of the search results of Google. Editors check articles for uniqueness, spam, information content, spelling, and style. This means that you do not have to control all the work of the agency, we will do everything ourselves. As a result, you get ready selling and optimized text.