Why Landing Page is Vital Today?

Choosing is difficult, and people really do not like to do it. They want to be convinced of the right choice. Remember how difficult it is to choose a movie in an online movie theater or pizza on the website. Right Landing page helps with the choice. The choice has already been made, we just convince the user that this choice is correct and necessary.

It's important to formulate an exact proposal for your audience and once again determine why you want to use the landing page.

When do We Use Landing Pages?

In brief, a landing page is useful if you know exactly what and whom you are selling to.

1. Sell goods and services

Landing can sell anything: jewels, cinema tickets, consultations, and soft toys. An important condition - the goods count must be little. If you have a catalog of goods in 10 categories, it is better to make an online store.

2. Collect leads

Lead is a visitor who is likely to buy something from you. For example, 10 people came to the website, 5 reached the presentation section, two downloaded it. These two are the leads you can operate with. You can send emails, advertisements, sell additional services.

3. When the main site is already exist

If you have a regular website, you can use a landing page for individual ad campaigns. For example, you have a consulting agency. On the website you can talk about yourself, the conditions of collaboration and completed projects. Advertise separate services is better on the landing.

4. When there is no main website

Well, no, and not necessary. If you sew leather wallets or cotton dresses, you do not have to pretend a big atelier. Enough to make a landing page that will only advertise your items.

5. When it is a startup

Landing will help you understand whether your product is needed in the market. You can launch a one-page site in a few hours, and advertising will lead to the first customers.

Not convinced yet to create a Landing Page?

Not cleary understand the technique of creating a good landing?

We combined theory and practice to built a consistent strategy: what you need to know and what to be able to make web project successful.

Don't understand how to define your target audience?

We have years of experience helping different businesses to define and to discover their exact customer.

Do not know how to mobilize your creative potential?

We know how to avoid boring decisions that are not impressive, and what to do so that the landing catches the clients.

Landing Page Pricing


  • Design concept
  • Optimized for your target audience
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Fully responsive
  • Unique copyrighting
  • Additional icons and illustrations
  • Stock images (up to 3)
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  • Design concept
  • Optimized for your target audience
  • 5 Revisions
  • Fully responsive
  • Unique copyrighting
  • Additional icons and illustrations
  • Stock images (up to 3)
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  • Design concept
  • Optimized for your target audience
  • 3 Revisions
  • Fully responsive
  • Unique copyrighting
  • Additional icons and illustrations
  • Stock images (up to 3)
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A landing page is a page that contains information about a service or product that is intended to “push” a user to perform a specific action (leave a request for consultation, subscribe to a newsletter, place an order to buy goods or service).

The landing page should encourage the visitor to take a targeted action. Conversion of such pages with a logical structure and attractive design, usually, is much higher than that of a regular website.

Creating a landing page is the right solution for your business, since this page is created specifically for selling services or a product line and presenting them from the best side. An ordinary website is mainly aimed at providing general information, acquaintance with the company and services. Depending on the subject matter of the business and the company's objectives, in some cases it is better to make a website with a homepage in the form of a landing page for each service or product.

Landing websites sell products and services more efficiently than other types of websites and online stores. They maximize the attention of the visitor to the information that you offer. Conversion of such pages can reach 40%

If you sell products or advertise services, then you should definitely use landing pages. With proper development, elaboration of a consistent page structure, stylish design, adaptive layout and setting up targeted traffic for a niche, you can get more customers, orders and increase profits.

A landing page is arranged in such a way that a person, scrolling down the page, goes through all stages of the sale: from grabbing attention to calling to action, receiving consistent answers to questions he has. Therefore, a landing page is called a selling page.

Payment in the development divided in 2 stages.

Stage 1) We make a contract and invoice for payment. You pay 50% of the cost of a landing page or website. Then it goes through all the development stages, a page is created on the selected domain, registered hosting. You check the website performance, adaptability, the work of feedback forms, callback scripts.

Stage 2) We make a request for the remaining 50% of the cost, you pay for it and we give you access (from hosting, mail, cms and others)

You participate in each development stage. Every stage is approved with you.

1) Fill out the brief, in which you specify your wishes for developing a landing page, we stipulate a website color palette with you.

2) Send the necessary materials (photos, description of the product or service, prices, certificates of employees, reviews, etc.). We accept your wishes on the functionality, structure, usability of the landing page or website.

3) We approve with you a prototype and design of a future page or website. Make edits if necessary

4) Checking the adaptability of the created page on all devices.

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